Tour dates ( A selection):



-- 1 Click Away performance at the Place, Founders Studio

- A double Bill: NOWhere & Be fruitful and multiply at Chisenhale Dance Space

- Co- Active perfromed at the Pink House Festival, France

- NOWhere performed at the Place theatre as part of the postgraduate Showcase.

- Nowhere performed as part of a double bill with Alka Nauman at the Chisenhale Dance Space.

- Common Ground performed at the Place theatre as part of the Resolution Festival.

- Co-Active performed at the Emerge Festival, Spotlights- Up Festival, the London Contemporary Dance School, The Pink House Festival (France)

- Distant performed at the Hier= Jetzt Festival in Munich.






- Drowning performed at the place theatre as part of Resolution, Camberley Theatre, the Albany Theatre Deptford, Trinity College

- Don't Let the Bedbugs Bite! performed at the Emerge Festival, Stratford Arts Center, Trinity College

- Am I Always...? performed at the theatre in Würzburg




- Be Longing performed at the Nah Dran Festival Berlin, The University of the Arts Berlin, Camden Fringe Festival London


- Dis-Appear performed at the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London

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