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Choreography: Greta Gauhe


Dancers: Greta Gauhe, Belinda Papavasileiou, Vivian  Triantafyllopoulou, Marta Polak, Irene Gimenez Montes, David Evans, Ingvild Marstein Olson



 Composer:   Andrew Liddell

 Visual Artist:    Clara Boulard


Performed: February 2018 at the Resolution Festival at the Place, London; Spotlights Up Festival; Camberley Theatre; the Albany Theatre, Deptford.


Drowning is a contemporary dance piece which evolved around the subject of marine pollution. Our oceans are drowning in plastic with over 51 trillion microplastic particles in our seas, the consequences for the sea life are alarming. Seven dancers, 6 musicians and a visual artist have been researching and exploring multiple dimensions of the problem to encourage proactivity. 





"The best dance show to see in 2018" The Evening Standard



"Choreographer Greta Gauhe has harnessed an array of visual and acoustic elements in Drowning to evoke a sense of underwater marine life, from the eddies and currents of the dancers’ movement to the ripples of water on Boulard’s filmed images matching the arms of the dancers." 

"The suffocating imagery goes to the heart of marine pollution and is thus the true starting point of the work."
Iris and Rosie


"Drowning truly captured the audience".

"An eye-opening exploration of the poignant reality that our seas are dangerously infused with plasticThe dancers graced the stage with elegance, effortlessly embodying the fluidity of fish."
Emma Boxall


"The six dancers’ movement is fluid, lingering as if submerged, but it’s just one element of this portrait of an underwater paradise in fall."
Carmel Smith


"Caught up in the flow of waves, the dancers’ numbers grow gradually and the movement swells with a kind of silken complexity for a while. A group of dancers drift, lift and fluidly roll in front of two projections of watery forms, murky colours and simmering light." Exeunt Magazine





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