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Choreography: Greta Gauhe in close collaboration with Natalie Sloth Richter


Dancers: Natalie Sloth Richter & Greta Gauhe

Performed at the Emerge Festival 2018.

Music: Apparat


Co-Active is a contemporary dance piece dealing with the topic of social integration and friendship. What happens if we put our prejudices aside and accept every human as a naturally resourceful and creative person? The two performers meet in their effort to interact and connect. Placed in a world with no social norms, they try to deal with the fragile moment of a first encounter. They negotiate boundaries and declare togetherness as a common, mutual decision




Feedback from Audience:


"Intimate, Playful, Thought Provoking."

"I loved the chemistry between the performers."

"Wonderful metaphors!"

"I found this work a real image of how we tend to build relationships today."

"Very detailed movement language."


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