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Be Longing


2016/17 Nah Dran Festival Berlin and University of the Arts Berlin.

Camden Fringe Festival 2017


Choreographer: Greta Gauhe in collaboration with Roman Petit

Filmmaker: Ella Funk

Dancer: Romane Petit &. Greta Gauhe


Every home is as individual as the people inhabiting it. Home is a drawing of the Self; a picture of who we believe to be. Feeling at home somewhere is not as easy as building a house. So what is it that makes us feel at home? How can we integrate ourselves into a society and what does it take to make strangers feel welcome? 

The Follow Through Collective approaches these questions by the means of dance and film, thus making personal reflexion tangible for the audience. Whilst the two dancers indulge in a sensible interplay of dance, theatre and music, the viewer is invited to change perspective by means of a multi-channel film projection. Locations and movement complement each other in film sequences, with the recorded dance giving a new meaning to the different settings. 

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