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Am I Always…?


Performed at the TanzSpeicher in Würzburg 2016


Choreographer: Greta Gauhe


Dancer: Greta Gauhe


Music: Olli Newman


Film: Ella Funk



This Solo is a personal self-reflection of the dancer. What defines us? What defers us from others and what makes us unique?

These are some of the questions, that influenced the movement study and the creation of the work.  

In “Am I Always…?”, a multi-medial approach creates the atmospheric background of the dance. 

Created in collaboration with a visual artist, a film that is shown as part of the dance performance. The sites in the film all played an important role in my life, and some moments involve personal images of myself. Film and dance co-exist, supporting each other in terms of atmosphere, but also to provide a deeper insight into my research. 

The edited audio track includes spoken language: Unasked but unmasked the dancer describes herself, a simple list of character traits, a disorderly reflection.



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