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Choreographer: Greta Gauhe
Composer: Andy Trewren
Dancers: Marta Stepien, Claudia Silas, Hannah Adams, John Chan, Ghost Chan, Flavien Cornilleau
Costume: Frances Morris
Tutor: Sue MacLennan
Performed at the Place theatre 2019
Taking an autobiographical perspective, the Follow Through Collective examines issues of racial and sexual discrimination and harassment. The dancers from four different countries and two different continents encounter numerous similarities in their narratives. They deal with those experiences in an interplay of performance, spoken word and dance. Supported by an on-stage musician, NOWhere is both an attempt to openly discuss very personal stories as well as an appeal to the audience to do alike. Can we together, in a spirit of mutual trust and honesty, defeat daily societal persecution? #CANWE?
"Gauhe makes unobvious, strangely-affecting choreographic choices to present the most cohesive group work I have seen in a while. With a childlike sense of play and adventure, motifs of climbing and supporting each other bring a beautiful poignancy. I’m so sad when the final lightbulb is extinguished." Izzy Rogers ( the dance art journal) 
Link to full Review Here

"Dancers mutate, the movement is combative.[...]These textures make for a soundscape
which brings NOWhere‘s messages into perspective: prejudice, stereotyping and racism. The light shows us what we are not told to see." Katie Hagan
Link to full Review Here

"NOWhere was an excellent piece of work that bravely explored the tricky territory of community, prejudice and multiple moments of harassment. The piece worked with the group very well, forming a string
s ensemble that really gave us the opportunity to see each of the different characters at the same time as seeing them from a clear sense of community."- Sue MacLennan, Head of Choreography at the London Contemporary Dance School
“The piece evokes many memories and feelings and I left the theatre with tears in my eyes. The music was beautiful and really supported the dance.” Audience member 
“NOWhere is so relevant and really makes the audience think about consent and a more positive approach on how to live together.” Audience member
“ The autobiographical stories were very moving and reminded me of many situations I found myself in too. The work goes to the heart and raises awareness about a serious problem we all have to face.” Audience member

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