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Choreography: Greta Gauhe
Dancers: Ingvild Marstein Olson, Olivia Edgington, Marta Polak, Aaron Markwell, Finnetta Mikolaijska 
Film: Therese Koppe
Performed in the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London  2015

Follow Through Collective &. Co. researched the topic of illiteracy. Over 785 million men and women cannot, at the present time, read or write. Illiteracy in individuals is a result of various, generally inter-related causes, such as difficult living conditions, poverty, dropping out of school, lack of books at home, etc., which together create a series of often insurmountable barriers for those concerned. Most people with limited literacy abilities are masters at concealment. With this work the collective aimed to make the problem in our society more understandable by using dance and film to give an insight of how it might feel like to be illiterate.


Audience Feedback:


" The performance was really engaging and I enjoyed the film in the background."

" The dancers were really powerful. Well done!"

" The movements seemed to blurr and the connection to the topic was made tangible."

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