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Until We Meet

A research Project: An outdoor sensory performance 


Choreographer: Greta Gauhe in collaboration with the dancers


Composer: Andy Trewren


Dancers: Hannah Adams, Flavien Cornilleau

Location: Performance at Crystal Palace Park (around the lake)

Dates/ Times: 1st and 15th of October, 10AM, 12PM, 3PM

Duration: Approximately 45mins

Limited places available.

For ages 5+

This event will be FREE

Please sign up below for one of the dates and times.

The presentation of the event will fall under the Follow Through Collective's banner, aimed at broadening its reach to a wider audience. However, this event is an integral component of Greta Gauhe's PhD project, which delves into pioneering practical approaches to simulate tactile experiences and non-physical connections over distances or in online settings. The outdoor performances will serve as a platform for advancing her methodologies and gathering valuable data from enthusiastic participants. Greta Gauhe is presently a doctoral candidate at Coventry University, with her research endeavors financially supported by Midlands 4 Cities.

Participants of this event are welcomed to share their feedback and experiences following the performance. Kindly indicate whether you would be open to providing your feedback before attending one of the performances. As part of the process, participants will be presented with consent forms and participant information sheets.

It's important to note that participants who choose not to provide feedback after the performance can still fully participate in the event. Your involvement is not dependent on providing feedback.

As individuals, we will navigate the pathways within Crystal Palace Park, immersing ourselves in an array of audio-guided adventures. Keep an eye out for QR codes strategically placed throughout the park, each unlocking a doorway to distinct audio-guided explorations. With your phone as your guide, scan these codes to embark on immersive auditory journeys. Each audio recording is an exclusive creation, calling you to actively participate in a range of tasks. The extent of your involvement is entirely at your discretion – this expedition is yours to personalize, adapting it to your preferences.

These performances extend an invitation to observe, listen, inhale, and touch. Allocate a moment to reestablish a connection with your senses, the natural surroundings, and fellow inhabitants who share this space with you.

After registering for one of the performances, you'll receive a confirmation email containing additional details and instructions. To fully participate, you'll only need to bring your headphones, a fully charged mobile phone with internet access (& camera function to scan QR codes), and appropriate attire for the weather conditions.

Please let us know if you do not have headphones available and we will try to provide some on the day. 

If you are planning to attend the event with your child please let us know so that we can arrange adequate equipment for both of you on the day.

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to us:

This event has been funded by Midlands 4 Cities. We are very grateful for their support.

Please register to this event via a computer. Some phones are unable to load the registration. Thank you
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