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Until We Meet

A research Project: An outdoor sensory performance 


Choreographer: Greta Gauhe in collaboration with the dancers


Composer: Andy Trewren


Dancers: Hannah Adams, Flavien Cornilleau

Collabobrating Artists: Deborah Di Meglio and Anton Gauhe

Location: Performance at Crystal Palace Park (around the lake)

Dates/ Times: 1st and 15th of October 2023, 12PM, 3PM

Duration: Approximately 60mins

For ages 5+

This project has been funded by Midlands 4 Cities.

The event offers a unique opportunity for participants to explore the park through a series of immersive audio-guided adventures. As individuals navigate the pathways within the park, they will encounter QR codes, each serving as a portal to distinct audio-guided explorations. Utilising their smartphones, participants can scan these codes to embark on auditory journeys tailored to their surroundings.

Each audio recording is a bespoke creation, designed to actively engage participants in a variety of tasks and experiences. From observation to active participation, the recordings prompt individuals to interact with their environment in new ways.

These performances extend an invitation to engage the senses fully, inviting participants to observe, listen, inhale, and touch their surroundings. With each audio recording crafted specifically for its location, participants will experience a deep connection to both the environment and the unique character of the area. 

After registering for one of the performances, participants will receive a confirmation email containing additional details and instructions. To fully participate, participants only need to bring your headphones, a fully charged mobile phone with internet access (& camera function to scan QR codes), and appropriate attire for the weather conditions.

Participants can request headphones prior to the event. 

This project has been funded by Midlands 4 Cities. We are very grateful for their support.


"It was a calming and pleasant experience. I felt more connected to nature, to other people and to my senses" Audience Feedback


"I felt more connected to the environment today, as an adult living in a city, you don’t touch or commune much with trees often. It felt like that connectedness was something of my erstwhile naiveté, exploring, playing, finding patterns and leaving cares behind for some moments. Closing eyes to focus on touch heightened this feeling, allowing for imagination to come into play." Audience feedback

"Touch is not limited to feeling with hands, touch has meaning for multiple senses. If time is taken to allow for touch then it can expand into the olfactory and visual senses but also touch us emotionally and through memory." Audience response


"During the Two Pines recording, I felt that I was touched by a warmth of feeling, a Proustian transportation in memory. By paying attention to small details in one unique spot of the park I was transported to a place with warm memories while learning that the warmth of similar memories, in some way, also gave a warmth to the speaker." Audience Feedback

"Sitting in the grass, smelling the pines, considering all of the sensations. Rather than letting it pass by, I found myself drinking in the moment and the environment, focusing on the orchestra of sensations available to me if pace is slowed." Audience feedback


Pictures by Dominic Farlam


 "It blurred time, memory, and touch for me" Audience member

"I really enjoyed listening to other peoples’ memories and experiences via the QR codes, in particular the one around the old oak tree. It encouraged me to touch the tree, and share the experience of fellow attendees doing the same." AM 


"Touch can be experienced across time zones" Audience Member

"It gave me a moment of piece and connection with others. People that I didn’t know and had never met before, but it felt very natural' Audience Member

"What I did like in the performance is that you could feel the touch by listening and connecting with others. I think it was a great experience to connect and get closer without real touch." Audience Member


"I had also felt connected when we were all together at the end, we sat down on the grass with eyes closed, listening to your voice with music at the background. I was not in the park, I was there with the voice and the music, could even hear some French voice in the background. That was a special moment."

"Even though the group experienced most of the project as an individual, it really felt like we had all formed a bond at the end. Without words, there was a mutual understanding and a trust, knowing the other had seen and heard the same. This feeling was especially made clear to me when we got together in a circle during the dance performance."


"Touch can be a physical thing, like when our hands touched a leaf, a bark or a shoulder of someone else. But we were definitely also touched mentally by the stories shared and the overall sense of being together in these moments." Audience Member


"I felt connected to others around the world, humanity."


 "I liked it, in my opinion it does give you a different perspective on what touch could actually mean." Audience Member

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