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Choreographer: Greta Gauhe in collaboration with the dancers


Composer: Andy Trewren


Dancers: Nathalie Sloth Richter, Johanna Merceron, Hannah Adams, Flavien Cornilleau


Performance at the Place, Resolution Festival 2022



As we emerge from two years of social seclusion, we work out how to be together again. Being at hand means being present - present in time and space, and present with something or someone else. In “Being at Hand”, we explore physical and cognitive connectedness, unleashing our mind’s potential by accessing our imagination and physical memories. We play with creating an environment where empathy can be explored as a way to support, encourage, and react to the depth and complexity of our own and other‘s needs. Present in the here and now, the audience is invited to join our explorations in an attempt to re-engage with one another. 




In the opening scene of Follow Through Collective’s Being At Hand, the audience is asked to sing a basic melody out loud. A looped recording of this chorus is fed into a computer by the work’s conductor, who starts to build a new world using bodies of sound. "Do you? Should I? Shall we?" the performers ask, artfully distributing our attention across the stage. The sound of the conductor slapping their own hand across their skin is an action that is quickly borrowed by another performer. Gliding forward she/ they/ them tap their hand on somebody else’s shoulder while another one darts forward and high fives somebody in the crowd. Being At Hand is 20 joyous minutes of synchronised engagement with free-forming, energetic weavings of sound, movement and interactive touch that courageously explodes the boundaries between audience and performer.“ Sarah Mace Dennis (Reviewer for the Place)

"Audience interaction is always risky: who has power, what is consent, are choices free? Still, danger zones are interesting, and dance artists do keep going there. Being at Hand begins with musician Andy Trewren conducting us to sing a few simple notes, that records and incorporates into his soundtrack (…). The four dancers play games of high-five (it’s up to the responder to make contact, note), with each other then with audience members. There are other contact games between them, with a little light audience touch. At the end they wonder if people might join them on stage for a bop; quite a few very happily do (…).” Sanjoy Roy 


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-Sarah- Mace Dennis-


Being at Hand

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