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Common Ground

Choreographer: Greta Gauhe

Composer: Michael Clulow

Performed at Resolution on the 16th of January 2019.



Dancers: David Evans, Irene Giminez, Marta Polak, Marta Stepien, Greta Gauhe, Ciara Lynch

Musicians: Michael Clulow, Magdalena Joyce, Harry Mak, Eleanor Rosser-Smyth


In Common Ground, six dancers and four musicians create a piece inspired by the nature of human experience. Personal stories of the dancers reveal the power and the pity of relationships in touchingly playful and somewhat ironic scenes. Meeting in their effort to accommodate all idiosyncrasies, the dancers take the audience onto an eventful journey of human interactions. They waltz through games and challenges and celebrate each other’s ideas. During this festive event, they declare togetherness as a mutual decision. Together, they create an entertaining and optimistic piece that aims to create a common ground.



Fusing game, spoken word and song, the piece toys with the audience and elicits a light-hearted, comedic and inclusive atmosphere.“ -Sophie Chinner


Follow Through Collective’s Common Ground, for six dancers and four musicians, is permeated with a sense of playful idealism and a Tanztheater aesthetic that encompasses a spectrum of tonal shifts from abstraction to confessional spoken word, from full-bodied ensemble jolliness to the disorientating discomfort of physical exchanges. It’s the most coherent and technically confident piece of the evening – choreographer GretaGauhe is one to watch.“ Anna Winter넋disaffectionsfollow-through-collective?fbclid=IwAR3a_h9VsZHZirpa3n4XLFdzGYlIh8NAVO3zuWjjIZwiJUmTnoHOX-8X1VA


It was such a lovely and fun and warm piece. And I thought the energy was very high from everyone which really lifted the audience. And amazing musicians!" Audience member







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