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The Collective

The Follow Through Collective consists of a variety of artists from different fields, aiming to create work with a distinct focus on political, social or ecological issues. Making work since 2015, their performances are eclectic and multidisciplinary. Much of their current focus is on the medium of dance as a means of coming together, exploring empathy, touch, and connection. Challenging the formal separation between spectator and performers, their works are seen in both theatres and art institutions. The Collective performed at many festivals, including Resolution Festival, Emerge Festival, Camden Fringe Festival, the City of London Festival, the Fi.ELDS Festival (East London dance), Stratford Arts Center and the Nah Dran Festival in Berlin. They also presented works at the Chisenhale Dance Space, Richmix, October Gallery, The Place Theatre, the University of the Arts in Berlin, Tanzspeicher in Würzburg and at the Bonnie Bird Theatre in London. They have received praise from various well-known reviewers and are currently working on a new production.

Thank you to all the collaborating artists throughout the years! You are outstanding and incredibly powerful people and performers! The Collective only exists because of each one of you and all your contributions towards it!

Below are only a few Bio's of artists who have performed for our Collective and I want to expresse my deepest graditude to each one of them. If you are interested about a specific performer and want to know more, please feel free to get in touch.

Greta Gauhe is a german dance artist who works mainly in the Uk. The foundation of her contemporary dance career was laid at the Iwanson School of Contemporary Dance in Munich, and consolidated during a BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre as well as a Diploma in Dance Studies at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire in London. She loves to explore and develop what dance has to offer, both as a performer and choreographer and she also has the desire to engage with the public and other artists. This eventually led her to establish her own dance company: The Follow Through Collective collaborates with artists from various backgrounds in order to combine different art forms on stage, often creating a multi-channel experience. In the meantime, she performed works by Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, Livia Ritae, Sasha Roubicek, Matthias Sperling, Matta Sakka, Anna Williams, Marie Yagami and she has been a dancer at the theatre in Würzburg. Currently, she is graduating with a  MA in Performance from the London Contemporary Dance School and she continued her studies during the MFA in Choreography at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire. She is very honoured to have received the Leverhulme Arts Scholarship in 2020!

Andy Trewren/ Composer

Andy Trewren is a composer and artist, currently in his final year at Trinity Laban Conservatoire. Andy specialises in electronics, sound installation and the sonic arts, with a particular interest in audience interpretation and interaction.

Ghost Chan/ Performer

Ghost Chan is a Honghongese contemporary artist from Computer Science background. His interests are in algorithmic choreography and using technology to influence spectatorship, so to study the politics of performance and the power dynamics between the creator, the performers and the audience. He is half of the duo Ghost and John.

 follow through collective-23.jpg
FrancisJohn Chan/ Performer

FrancisJohn Chan is a Hongkongese contemporary artist from Biology research background. He is recently investigating the use of art strategies as a cultural practice for societal impacts. He is half of Ghost and John.

 follow through collective-6.jpg
Marta Stepien/ Performer

Marta started her dance education in private ballet school „Capitol” in her hometown, Wroclaw. She participated in classical ballet spectacles like Nutcracker and Cinderella in Opera in Wroclaw. Afterwards she gained BA degree in contemporary dance in University of Social Science in Poznan. During her studies she had opportunity to perform works by Paulina Wycichowska and Janusz Stolarski. From 2015 she was a member of STW Company - Natalia Draganik-Franke in Poznan. Recently she studies in London Contemporary Dance School on a postgraduate course, where she had a chance to perform works by Leila McMillan, Florence Peake & Eve Stainton. She also collaborates with Greta’s Gauhe Follow Through Collective, and is a part of WomenWonder collective.


Flavien Cornilleau

Flavien is a French-born, London-based actor and dancer. Introduced to dance through the world of theatre, Flavien has work for more than 15 years as an actor under the direction of stage directors such as Laura Bazalgette, Frederic Maragnani, Iris Gaillard and Louise Pasteau. His work has lead him to act in plays in public theatres around France, as well as internationally in Canada and the Netherlands. Flavien has participated in various short movies; notably one where Flavien starred was selected into “Les Rencontres Internationalles” festival and presented later in Paris and Berlin. 


In 2013, Flavien decided to embark on a new adventure and begin training in contemporary dance. He recently graduated with merit from a Master’s Degree at London Contemporary Dance School and has worked with choreographers such as Greta Gauhe, Wilhelmina Ojanen, Pepa Ubera, XinXin Song and Erena Reilent.  Alongside performing, Flavien is interested in film-making and choreography. His interests delves into the reality and the representation of it, what can flex and distort the vision we have of the world surrounding us.


Hannah Adams

Hannah is a dancer, originating from Yorkshire, who’s technique is the product of a mixed bag of training; from her place on the CAT scheme at NSCD, foundation in dance from London Studio Centre and BAHons in dance from Coventry University to her current vocation of MA DAP at LCDS. During her career thus far Hannah has had the opportunity to work with numerous current artists, such as: Pablo Bronstein, Florence Peake & Eve Stainton, Thomas Goodwin, Katie Coe and Flora Wellesley Wesley. 
Hannah’s current choreographic interests lie within the expression of sociocultural issues and the possibility of exploring these topics through dance and installation art. Hannah has a particular interest in issues surrounding feminism and bodily integrity, and the relationship between this and the moving body of a dance artist.  

 follow through collective-19.jpg

Claudia Silas

Claudia comes from a diverse background of dance, musical theatre and body work studies that includes yoga and massage therapy. The human body is her passion as a tool for art and something that she continues to explore for self-expression and understanding. She is creatively interested in a variety of dance and theatre contexts both individually and as a performer. She is currently training on the ‘Developing Artistic Practice’ course at London Contemporary Dance School where she continues to learn about these interests and passions.

 follow through collective-26_edited.jpg

Pictures by Rui Cunha and Camilla Greenwell

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