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1 Click Away

has received ACE funding to tour the work to different venues across the UK including libraries, schools, theatres and museums.

This performance is currently on tour and bookable!

A dance performance for and with families and young people.

The work will tour to the following venues in 2023/2024:

Upper Norwood Library Hub

James Dixon School

V&A Museum

Halfmoon Theatre

Déda Theatre, Derby

Age recommendation: 6+

The premier of the original performance was at the Place, Founders Studio in 2019.


 1 Click Away is an educational dance performance exploring the impact of online shopping on the environment. Through interactive experiences, children and families can build and dismantle temporary sculptures made out of cardboard boxes and parcels, learning about waste production and eco-consciousness.

Join us for an exciting and educational dance performance, "1 Click Away", where you'll get the chance to move and make a difference! Our talented performers will take you on a journey into the world of packaging materials and explore the impact of online shopping on the environment.

Children and their families will be able to actively participate in the performance by building and dismantling temporary sculptures and landscapes made out of cardboard boxes and parcels. 


Through this interactive experience, we aim to educate and inspire a new generation of eco-conscious individuals who understand the consequences of excessive waste production.

At the heart of the performance is the issue of overproduction of waste in the context of online shopping. We all want things to be readily available, affordable, and delivered quickly, but this behavior leads to mountains of unnecessary waste that harms our planet. "1 Click Away" uses dance and art to engage and inspire the audience to be mindful of their impact on the environment and make a difference in their daily lives.





Review by Katie Hagan/ dance Art Journal:


"Whilst it might seem pretty odd to repeat it, Gauhe’s beautiful use of nuance lifts the repetition to another level. From the new side, dancers create rhythms and change speeds as they pass the boxes, cutting the repetition with a marvellous tension, which is unleashed when the dancers carefully construct a box-jenga that nearly reaches the ceiling. Even the faintest breath would make it tumble."


"Gauhe’s piece is a manifestation of a box: it is multi-dimensional, multi-layered and wrapped in paradox. It viscerally exposes the damaging environmental effects of waste, yet in the same breath draws attention to the many people who rely on logistics/delivery jobs to put food on the table. And in another perhaps more innocent way the piece is simply about playing with boxes."


"The lasting message which I took away was the unexpected delight in realising the things we take for granted and use everyday can still make us smile. ‘1 Click Away’ lies on a continuum between play and more sinister ideas such as exploitation, not to mention its ability to demonstrate how we can find beauty in the things we chuck away."

Review by Catalina Riofrio (danceartjournal)

“Towers falling down” replayed one of the kids. “Things break all the time” said the other. “Waste, a lot of waste” said the tallest one. Those were the answers of the children attending 1 Click Away by Follow Through Collective, a participative workshop and performance that explores the themes of reusing, reducing and recycling the wrappings and boxes that come to our door almost every week. It left me wondering, how does it feel in the body to have too much, how does it feel in the body to have less?


Review by Nicholas Minns/ Writing about dance:


"The approach is to let the boxes do the talking, and Gauhe’s choreography for her four dancers is focused on enhancing their eloquence. But in making the inanimate boxes the principal characters, 1 Click Away inevitably implicates not only their warehouse sorters, packagers and dispatchers, but also the shoppers whose collective proclivity for online purchases has clicked up a proliferation of cardboard waste. 

Previous Performances

the show premiered at the Place Theatre in 2019.

It was part of the Resolution Festival in 2020.

It toured to the October Gallery in 2021, and the Richmix Theatre in 2022.
"My children simply loved the performance! I would recommend it immediately!" Audience member
"The impact of this abstract creative work can delve profoundly into the emotional and the rational cords of ourselves, in a way normal speech wouldn’t. " Catalina Riofrio (danceartjournal)
"Absolutely great performers and the interactive parts were so fun" Audience member
"Exciting, imaginative, powerful" Young audience member
"I wanted to play much longer with the boxes and I really liked to build the tall tower" Young audience member
"We're absolutely thrilled about this show! Collaborating with the talented children from Angel Shed Theatre, we've expanded and enhanced this captivating and enjoyable performance, tailor-made for the next generation. This interactive production promises enjoyment for both kids and their parents while shining a spotlight on a crucial issue of our era: the overproduction of waste."

Follow Through Collective


Creative Team:


Choreography and direction       Greta Gauhe


Sound Artist and composer          Andy Trewren

Tour cast/ performer                      Hannah Adams, Natalie Sloth Richter, Flavien Cornilleau,

                                                          Steffi Fashokun, Johanna Merceron

Producer                                          Natalie Sloth Richter

Costume                                          Greta Gauhe

Original Cast                                   Hannah Adams, Marta Stepien, Lucie Palazot, Alka Nauman

Tutors                                               Eva Recacha and Sue MacLennan

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