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Two Pines Flavien
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This sound recording is part of the current performance event in Crystal Palace Park "Until We Meet". More information here.

We have the permission by Crystal Palace Park trust to leave these QR codes around the park. Please keep them in their original position.

Feel free to listen to them in your own time. Other QR codes can be found in many different places around the lake area. Watch out for them! 

During each audio recording we invite you to collect something- a memory, an experience, a sensation, a feeling, an object. You can take your collection at the end to our community installation which you can find in the "picnic area" of the lake part (the small island). Please take an empty bag and place one of your collected items inside of it. Please write on the label what you collected or what this item represents for you ( a memory, an idea, a thought, a sensation).  You can choose where you want to place your bag with your collected memories in relation to the others.

If you have any questions please reach out to us:


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